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Aleksandra Ilic

"Microblading - Hyper realistic permanent brows shaping - Best business in beauty industry for 2020."


Idea about BoldBrows pattern has been to create a hyper-realistic look of eyebrows. Guided by the natural direction of the hairs, it helps to get a volume-shaped look of eyebrows.

BoldBrows is recomended for people who want a volumized and effective look - Extreme bold or just for those who want more natural look Soft bold.

”Behind the best work are the greatest artists,
behind the greatest artists is an extraordinary academy.”


58 beauty courses

220 lecturers available

570 beauty products

154 countries operated


BoldBrows Artists creates most natural eyebrows look in the world.

BoldBrows allows you to become independent easily.

BoldBrows paves the path for an international career.

PhiAcademy provides constant support throughout your entire career.

This technique aims to create a hyper-realistic look guided by the hairs' natural direction and give the eyebrows a volume-shaped look.

The inspiration for BoldBrows technique was found in the trend of "fluffy" eyebrows, and then, through perfecting, it became a pattern adapted for all types. Strokes are different from classic ones because of the moves that are formed in curved and twisted hairs in combination with mini strokes that actually make that volumizing effect.

BoldBrows course is available to everyone, regardless of the fact whether you already have some previous microblading experience or not, since it has been designed in such a way to provide full knowledge and improvement through gradual work and development.

Premium Course

Full price3010 €
Investment2200 €

The BoldBrows Premium Course is intended for those who have no previous experience. In addition to providing you with brow drawing techniques, this package contains a detailed program that will assist you in expanding your business and your clients. The BoldBrows Premium Course is the best that any academy can offer.

2 days Live course
Latex practice
Work on model
Theory of colors
4 additional courses
Course about skin
Service theory
Meet the standards
6 months Craft Master Support
Unlimited dr. Phi support in Phi App
Premium kit

PhiBlade disposable tool 18 U ECC 0.18 30/1
Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit (new content special for BB premium kit)
BoldBlade 50/1
PhiWipes Asept 5/1
PhiWipes MakeUp Remover 5/1
Skin Candy After Care Balm 10mL
Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 10mL
Skin Candy Anti Shock 2 10 mL
Skin Candy Sun Sweat Protection After Care Cream 10mL
Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel 10mL 1 kom.
Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel 10mL
Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50/1
PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs.
PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs.
PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs.
PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment 5mL 2 pcs.
PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5mL
PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment 5mL
PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment 5mL
PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment 5mL
Stroke Marker 10mL
PhiGlow Holder
Scissors and Tweezers
AIO - Mirror
PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set 2 pcs


Premium Kit value 880 €
Standard Kit value 660 €
2 days live course 500 €
6 months Craft Master app 630 €
Hygiene course value 200 €
Skin Expert course value 200 €
First Class Service valued 200 €
Get More Clients valued 400 €

Total value 3010 €

BoldBrows premium course price 2200 €

Savings 810 €


Standard Course

Full price2000 €
Investment1500 €

The BoldBrows Standard Course is adapted to future PhiArtists with prior experience. To attend this course, your work needs to be approved by our Academy. Please send us your work at It provides the optimal amount of support needed from a Master, i.e. 4 months of support and an optimal Starter Kit, not only great for getting started but also provides you with everything you need to work and to return your investment.

2 days Live course
Latex practice
Work on model
Theory of colors
3 additional courses
Course about skin
4 months Craft Master Support
Unlimited dr. Phi support in Phi App-u
Standard kit

Pigment Golden Brown SUPE 2 pcs.
Pigment Brown 1 SUPE 2 pcs.
Pigment Brown 2 SUPE 2 pcs.
Pigment  Brown 3 SUPE 2 pcs.
Pigment Fox SUPE 2 pcs.
Pigment Yellow SUPE
Pigment Red SUPE
Pigment Black SUPE
BoldBlade 50/1
Golden Ratio Divider
Blank Latex 3/1
Universal Holder silver
PhiBlade disposable tool 18 U ECC 0.18 30/1
Scissors and Tweeezers
Mineral Pencil
Skin Candy Monodose Balm 50/1


Standard Kit value 660 €
Standard Kit value 660 €
2 days live course 500 €
4 months Craft Master app 240 €
Hygiene course value 200 €
Skin Expert course value 200 €
First Class Service valued 200 €

Total value 2000 €

BoldBrows standard course price 1500 €

Savings 500 €


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*Individual trainings may be scheduled by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start working?

BoldBrows courses require much more than just an investment in time and money. This means that after the 2-day course, you will have to put aside a significant amount of time for practice. The aim of the 2-day Course is not to train you to start working straight away but rather to teach you how to practice BoldBrows. The average time necessary to gain these skills in between 2 and 3 months of practice and communication with a Master.

How much does the material for one treatment cost?
How much can I charge for the treatment?

In Netherlands, Artists charge around 350 € per treatment, while Royal Artists charge about 500 € per treatment.

How can I find my first clients?

PhiAcademy has developed the GMC program (Get More Clients), aimed to help BoldBrows Artists spread the word and get clients faster. This program has detailed steps with a lot of tips and tricks to help you be the best on the market. This course in embedded in the BoldBrows course. If you chose a BoldBrows course that doesn’t have GMC, you can always add it at an additional cost.

How quickly can I return my investment?


Return of Investment BoldBrows PREMIUM Course

One treatment per week

value of investment for a course
2250€ (ex. VAT)

earnings from the treatment
250€ - 300€

average time for which investment is returner
1-3 months

Note Students who chose the BoldBrows PREMIUM course follow the instructions of the GMC program, gaining clients more quickly. That is why the average time needed to return the investment is very similar. Above mentioned information is presented taking into account the worst scenario, in which you’ve just started working and haven’t established your name yet.

Do I need to have previous experience?

You do not need previous experience to enroll in the BoldBrows course, nor do you need background knowledge in cosmetics and cosmetic treatments. Every student has to start at the lowest level, whether they are doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, estheticians, or don't have any previous work experience. With the BoldBrows course, you'll get a free Skin Expert course as well.

Skin Expert is a course mandatory for all beginners, so they can gain important knowledge about skin that they need to do this job. Besides the Skin Expert course, you also get a free Hygiene course and basics on marketing in the beauty industry (First Class Service).


Do I need to have my own salon?

You can always offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the salon owner will get a certain percentage of the income you'll get by doing treatments. In case microblading is just a way to earn extra income, you can be sure that the people you are currently working with will become your first clients.

The following step will show how to have most beauty artists become successful in their business:

Step 1: Offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the salon owner will get a certain percentage of the income you'll get by doing treatments. This way, both sides are happy and earning money.

Step 2: Register a beauty salon in a separate room in your home, specially adapted for the treatments. This kind of service is particularly popular with clients because they feel more comfortable and have a casual relationship with beauty artists. This specially adapted space for Microblading is excellent for beginners because they won't have any employees nor strict working hours, and they can be free to work in other salons as well.

Step 3: Opening your own salon. Bear in mind that the location of your salon isn't crucial for your treatments. It doesn't have to be on a busy street – it can be in your own home as well. With this in mind, you'll have all the benefits mentioned in step 2.

We'll also mention that there are specific rules and conditions in each country you have to fulfill to open your salon, so you should do some research.

This BoldBrows Artist timeline estimates that opening a salon will happen only after three years of work.

How can I advance my career?
  • Any adult that signed up for a course can become a student.
  • The student can become an Artist when they've passed all levels of a course.
  • A Royal Artist is an Artist with at least six months of experience, whose work has reached the level of perfection. All Masters of this technique in the Academy vote to assign this title. A Royal Artist has an extremely professional relationship with their clients and colleagues. A Royal Artist can monitor other Artist and earn some additional income.
  • Any Royal Artist can become a Master Assistant when they've completed a certain amount of monitoring set by the Academy.
  • A Craft Master may become a person who has been a Master Assistant for at least six months. The Master Assistant with the greatest number of monitorings in his/her country of residence becomes a Craft Master.
  • Any Craft Masters or Master Assistants can become Grand Masters. To reach this title, a person has to contribute and create new skills and techniques which haven't existed before in the PhiAcademy. Their work has to be recognizable in professional circles. Having a Grand Master title will allow you to appoint your Masters in the entire world.


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